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How to care for Barela Sculpture        

Chris has applied patinas to his sculptures using a variety of chemicals & dyes with intense heat. This patina process is what distinguishes Barela Sculptures from other bronze sculptors. The patina process is an application that forces the bronze to oxidize. Bronze naturally oxidizes due to the elements, so we suggest cleaning your sculpture frequently.


We suggest you treat your Barela Bronze Sculpture as you would fine glass. Do not  use any abrasive material to clean the surface. Do use a feather duster, soft dry cloth or micro fiber for frequent dusting. Direct sunlight may cause discoloration over time. If damage occurs, please contact us. Keep safe from being knocked but other objects.

DO Use:                                                DO Not  Use

Carnauba Wax                                 Windex

 Pledge                                              Ammonia 


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